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Give Joyfully!

Catalyst Church has always been and will always be a church with big vision. We are committed to reach Vermont and the world with the hope of Jesus Christ. The church is built on the generosity of her people, and her future lies in the hands of the generous. Those who live for a kingdom cause and are committed to giving extravagantly,  enable the resource for this big vision come to pass.

Giving can be divided into two categories: Tithes & Offerings

Tithing means giving the first 10% of your income to the church on a regular basis. When you give over and above your tithe that is called offering. Your tithes and offerings fund the vision and initiatives of the church and enable us to make the hope of Jesus known.  

There are several ways you can give at Catalyst:

  • You can set up “Bill Pay,” ACH, Recurring Payments with your banking institution, which is usually a free service. Each bank/credit union has their own procedure. Some will mail a check to Catalyst for you, while others will do an electronic transfer. If you need church account information, or have questions, contact Catalyst for more information: 802-899-2949.

  • You can pay with cash, or a check made out to Catalyst Church.

SubSplash Transition

  • Catalyst Church is in the process of transitioning our online giving from the platform we currently use, Planning Center and Square, to a new partner, Subsplash. In order for this transition to be successful, we need everyone who currently has a recurring donation setup through our website to make this move with us.  

Why are we using these electronic giving platforms?

  1. Lower processing fees. SubSplash offers the lowest processing fees of any online church giving platform. We anticipate several hundred dollars in our first year alone.

  2. All in one platform. We will now be using SubSplash to manage not only our online giving, but also our livestream, and app! This will allow for even greater efficiency and cost savings while serving you better.