At Catalyst we value teamwork and while there are those that have the responsibility of leading we understand that the entire "body of Christ" is to be doing the work of the ministry. We would love to introduce you to all of our vital team members - you should come and meet them ---


Here are our leaders which serve selflessly to make our environments excellent! 

Michael & Mary Murray

Lead Pastors

Ben & Rebecca Butler

Associate Pastor & Book keeper

Gilles & Sarah Gentley

Youth Pastors

Angi Mooney


Elders & Deacons

Elder Joe Bourdeau and

his wife Hazel

Elder Scott Edson and

his wife Nancy


Elder Mike Corriveau and

his wife Rilda

Elder Cary Fitzhugh and

his wife Kayo

  Cary is also Worship Leader

Paul McGarry 

Building Maintenance Leader and Guest Services Leader

Deacon Mike Mooney​ and

his wife Angi

Mike is also IT Director


Deacon Craig Sheppard and 

his wife Heather


Catalyst Kids Leader

 Brittany Forthun

Production Director

Carmen Landry

Care Pastor

Rev Mary Anne Holmes 

Sound Engineer

Josh Mooney

Master Projector

Melanie Lopato

Leading as many people as possible into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ


Building every bridge and removing every barrier

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