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4 Quick Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship with Positivity

Bad days happen. Sometimes the car won't start, or you spill something on yourself just as you head out the door. Whatever the scenarios are, they leave you feeling like the entire universe is conspiring against you.

The problem? One bad thing can very quickly affect your attitude. Add in another problem and another, and you have a disaster for you and anyone who gets in your path.

How to avoid giving those you love the worst day ever? You start with a more positive attitude yourself.

The next time you feel yourself heading down a dangerous path, where you're snapping at your significant other and ready to send the kids to their room forever, try these quick tips instead:

Create a Safe Word

Use this to call your partner out when they're heading off into negativity and invite them to do the same with you. Create a buzzword, something which means something only to the two of you, with the rule that once it's said, the other person must list one good thing in their life.

Try an Affirmation

Even when you’re less than loveable, you are deserving of good things. If you're having difficulty seeing this right now, sit down with your significant other to create a series of affirmations you can use later to remind each other of how amazing you are.

Give Yourself a Time Out

Sometimes we all need a moment to step away. If you think you’re negative to the point where you’re about to say something you will regret later, take a physical step back. Tell the other person you need a minute and leave the room. Come back only when you’re feeling steadier.

Journal the Problem

We all need a safe place to talk about what's bothering us, but at the same time, it's unhealthy to dwell too long on the negative. Unfortunately, when we retell an unpleasant story, we build up the negative emotion with it all over again. To keep from spinning yourself up into an unhealthy tirade about your day, keep a couple's journal where you can write about what's bothering you. Invite the other person to read it and then sit down and discuss what they just read. This allows you to step back from the emotion and still be able to talk about your problems.

The key thing to remember here is you, and your significant other are partners. By working together to create a safe space to positively talk about negative things, you build a healthier and stronger relationship while maintaining a positive mindset.


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