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Saturday Was Silent

I have often wondered what happened in between Jesus' crucifixion and His resurrection. Friday was awful. Sunday was unbelievable. But, what was Saturday like?

Was it a day of grief? A mixture of sadness and despair? Did those that loved Him weep until there were no more tears? Did strangers get teary-eyed over the tragedy?

Was it a day of confusion? Did His followers still wonder if He had died? Did they sit in disbelief, questioning everything they had gone through together? Had they been so sure about who Jesus was, to only be blindsided by God’s plan?

Was it a day of anger? Were there those that shouted at God? At their loved ones? To no one in particular? Did they raise their voice in frustration, holding back tears of grief along the way?

Was it a day of shock? Those that had been close, just witnessed their friend, Savior, and family member suffer horrible persecution and death. Did they keep reliving the memory of Jesus’ last words, the look on His face as He cried, “It Is Finished!”?

Was it a day of guilt? Did supporters of Barabbas' release over Jesus feel ashamed? Did they question their vote, wondering if they had made the wrong choice?

Was it a day of triumph? Did promoters of Jesus' death cheer in victory? Did the High Priests and Pharisees have smiles on their faces?

Was it a day of remembering? Did the disciples and friends of Jesus gather together and just sit, telling stories about Jesus and all that He had done?

Was it a day of silence? No laughter. No noise. Just a heavy feeling of grief covering every person affected by Jesus and His words.

The time between Jesus’ last breath and the news of His resurrection must have been unbearable. Grief is a heavy weight, especially when it’s someone you love so much that you aren’t sure how your life will be without them.

But then: Sunday came! They discovered the tomb was empty! The silence turned to shouts. The remembering turned to exclamations. The anger disappeared. The grief and sadness turned to joy. Those that triumphed, became scared. Those that were scared, declared victory! Jesus is alive!

“Saturday was silent

Surely it was through

But since when has impossible

Ever stopped You

Friday's disappointment

Is Sunday's empty tomb

Since when has impossible

Ever stopped You”

Rattle - Elevation Worship

When life is hard, it’s okay to take the time to grieve, mourn, be angry, and be sad, but always remember that “Joy comes in the morning!” Jesus is alive! And nothing, nothing, is impossible with Him.

Brittany Forthun

Worship Leader at Catalyst Church on Raceway

A Church in Jericho, Vermont


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