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A Leader Worth Following: How to Be a Shepherd Like Peter

It's easy to identify leaders in the world today, but how do you know which ones to follow? In 1 Peter 5,

Peter gives his definition of what makes a good leader — and it might surprise you! Discover how you can be a shepherd to your family or group and still be faithful to God’s calling on your life. Whether you’re looking to become a leader yourself or learn how to follow someone well, this article will help you take care of others and fulfill God’s plan for your life!

What it means to be a shepherd

To be a shepherd is to care for the sheep. To be their guardian and protect them from harm. This includes both physical and spiritual dangers. It also means leading them, guiding them, and teaching them how they should live. A good shepherd takes his flock by the hand and leads it into green pastures where there is food, water, and rest. Sometimes he has to go ahead to find a place with more food or better shelter. The Shephard is always thinking about his sheep and how to take better care of them. To be a good Shephard one must be willing to lay down your life.

Three characteristics of shepherds

Peter gives us some things that we are to do or guard against to be a Shephard worth following. The first thing is he feeds his sheep. A Shepard is always making sure that the sheep has the proper nutrition it needs and is getting the right amount of water.

Peter warns the Shephard to not be motivated by greed or "filthy lucre" I love that warning, always avoid the Lucre. A good shepherd should not be greedy or looking to rob others of their money. I am not a fan of prosperity preachers and this is a big reason why. Jesus did not hang on the cross so that you can ride in first-class or have lots of money.

The true shepherd will know that he is called to serve his sheep and that might mean getting things out of their fur or feet. It might mean late-night rescues or early-morning deliveries.

A shepherd is always ready to defend or die to protect his sheep. This speaks of a love that can only come from God. Since Jesus did this we need to trust that He can do it through us as well. There's no point in trying to compete with what Jesus did because nobody could measure up. If you want to be like Peter then look at these three characteristics: feed the flock, don't lord over them, and protect your flock.

The attitude of Godly shepherds

Leadership skills can be learned by following the example of Christ, who was humble and selfless. Godly shepherds should also be humble and selfless, being an example for those they lead, and having the same attitude as Jesus. Followers of Christ are called to live lives that are in contrast with what is seen in today’s society. They are not meant to follow the ways of this world, but rather they should live in contrast with what is seen today.

Why we should follow Godly shepherds

Shepherds are the ones that guide and help those that follow them. We should follow the shepherds worth following because they will lead us in the right direction, show us where to go, and care for us when we need it most.


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