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Bearing with One Another in Suffering: How to Build Christ-Centered Relationships

Bearing with One Another in Suffering: How to Build Christ-Centered Relationships

Christians are called to bear with one another in love, but how can they do that if they don’t know what their partner is going through? Christian marriage counselor Tim Webb says there’s one way every married couple can learn to relate to one another better, and it’s through bearing with one another in suffering—as Christ bore with us when he took our sins upon himself on the cross. In this article, we’ll examine what bearing with one another in suffering means for your marriage and how you can build Christ-centered relationships.

Love one another

If love is all that is needed why is it so hard to love one another? Why does it seem so difficult to put the needs of others before our own? We can love others and want what's best for them, just not so that we go without it or it costs us. The world tries to convince us that all we need is to love and then says to love ourselves.

Jesus didn't call us into a life of comfort or ease but said to love others before ourselves. We are called to prefer others and to love them more. The problem is flesh loves itself more.

We as disciples of Jesus are to be part of His family and to love one another. When we experience difficulty because of those who have fallen away from the faith it hurts to know that there are those who aren't concerned about their sin. We oftentimes turn away from these people because they don't care about our hurt or ours and will continue on in their ways. Yet God calls us to go out and bear with one another through this suffering (1 Peter 4:19). To build ChriChrist-centered centered relationships knowing that through hardship comes character development (James 1:2-4).

Consider your neighbor

What does it mean to consider your neighbor? Consider your neighbor to be that person who needs you to show them the love of Jesus. That person who needs you, not just to pray for them, but also to feed their body and soul. That person who needs you to listen, empathize, and love them unconditionally. Sometimes this may mean going outside your comfort zone of ministry. Sometimes this may mean joining a local church or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. This isn't easy but it's what we as believers of the local church are called to do to bring hope to others. To open up our homes and hearts and make room for one another to grow. To forgive each other when we've wronged one another because it's the only way that they can heal. Local churches exist so people can come together to create new communities where people can belong and thrive because they know someone loves them just like Jesus loves us all.

The concept of submitting

In a Christian marriage, the wife's job is to submit to her husband. This does not mean the wife is inferior to her husband. Submission means that the wife willingly hands over her will and desires to her husband because she believes he has a better vision for their lives. Wives submit because they trust their husbands to lead them toward their own best interests and the good of their family. If a wife feels loved, valued, and protected she will want to submit. If the wife knows that her husband loves her and wants the best for her it should be hard for her not to submit. She understands that her husband may know what is best for her better than she does. The more love and support the wife receives from her husband, the more likely she will want to submit. When a woman feels secure in knowing that her husband values, appreciates, respects, and cherishes her she becomes willing to put his needs ahead of hers.


mission within a marriage

Is it biblical to submit? Yes. Is it biblical to have a wife submit to her husband? Yes. Should the wife be more submissive than the husband? No. What is the husband's job? To make his wife love him more every day, so she can obey Him and respect him.

God's intention for the Church

God's intention for the Church is that it would be a loving place where the people in it wouweld encourage one another. marriage is a symbolic relationship that represents Jesus and the Church. Jesus encourages us to act like Him and love others more than ourselves If we focused on loving our wives like Christ loved the Church I don't think we would have to preach submission as much.

God's intent was for us to reflect that image back to a world that is watching. And how can you help somebody you're supposed to represent if they're not listening? We need patience, compassion, encouragement, and humility when it comes to relationships so we can work through conflict together. The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. It's not an easy thing but everything worth doing takes time. There are no shortcuts to building a relationship of trust and intimacy. Building these connections should be intentional because this is what makes the church healthy. It doesn't happen by accident - it happens because we spend time investing in each other. Sometimes that means being vulnerable and honest about your struggles so you know you're not alone. Other times it means just being there for someone who needs someone to listen or just care about them. Those are small things but they make a big difference over time and lead to a greater connection between members in the body of Christ which leads to healthier churches


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