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My Marriage

25 years ago my marriage was all but dead – I had been in adultery and rightfully so my wife was hurt, confused and ready to call it quits – In a last ditch attempt at saving our marriage we went to church… God met us there and through a faithful pastor and his wife God began a healing process –

It started with both of us surrendering our lives to Christ – then He began to work forgiveness, healing, restoration – we attended a FamilyLIfe Homebuilder’s group and God used the people and His Word to bring more healing and some tools to build our marriage with.

All these years later I am so grateful to God for not just saving our marriage but making a marriage that is joyful, full of love and hope!

If you are in a place in your marriage, no matter how bad… Run to Christ and surrender it all to Him – Today! If your spouse doesn’t go – You go! No matter what God will meet you where you are! He is the Healer! He is the restorer!

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