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MERRY Christmas!

Have a Merry Christmas

Did you ever why it is a merry Christmas instead of a happy Christmas? Why Merry?

While we think of Merry as meaning happy, joyful or cheerful. one other possibility is that Merry means mighty like “Robin Hood and His Merry Men”

That would give saying Merry Christmas a whole different meaning – rather than just wishing someone a happy Christmas –

One would be wishing another a massive, huge, monumental, happy, joyful, mighty Christmas!

A mighty Christmas – what we are celebrating on that day is one of the mightiest things that ever happened –

God became a man, born of a virgin, with the sole objective of redeeming mankind through His death on the cross – making a way for sinners like me and you to have eternal life through a relationship with Christ

That is a massive, monumental, mighty thing!

So let me wish you a mighty, merry Christmas and a Happy prosperous new year!

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