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The best of times, the worst of times...

Charles Dickens said in “A tale of two cities”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, and it was the age of foolishness…”

Sounds like our times today to me…

In many ways it is the best of times for the church – globally the church is growing at a record pace. But it is also a time when it seems like we are seeing our world turned upside down – what was wise is now foolish and what was foolish is now wise.

We as followers of Christ must recognize the time we live in and without changing the message change our approach to the lost and hurting world we live in.

Don’t be discouraged, Jesus is LORD and I believe the harvest fields are ripe – so as Jesus,

The Lord of the harvest prayed I pray – send forth the laborers!

We are the laborers – As we enter into a New Year it is not the time to step back but to step forward in love being Jesus to those around us! Let's make 2017 a year of great harvest!

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