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Armchair Quarterback

I will admit it… I am an armchair quarterback – after all I played football my freshmen year in Highschool –

I will watch a highly skilled, trained professional quarterback and question his play, his decisions and even his abilities.

As a young Christian I would do the same thing with the pastor or leaders of the church. I am not saying that there is never a time to question or be concerned about, We all need to be discerning and wise but having a critical spirit is detrimental to all.

It’s easier to think you would do it better.

It’s easy to criticize the quarterback when you’ve never even put on cleats –

Criticism is easier than contribution

If you see a problem, whether it’s in your church, job are somewhere else – are you quick to criticize?

To point out the problems is easy. To help solve the problems is more difficult –

Perhaps God has highlighted an issue to you because He wants you to be part of the solution.

Get out of the easy chair and on to the playing field –

Support your leaders and do all you can to help the entire team succeed

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